Calicium, Chaenotheca, Cyphelium, Microcalicium, Sclerophora, Thelomma

This web page is dedicated to the tiny, but beautiful members of the lichen order Caliciales. The information is mostly based on the research done by Johan Mattsson and Jørn Middelborg in Norway during 1984-85 and published as Crustaceous lichenized species of the Caliciales in Norway, Sommerfeltia 5 (1987). The treatment excludes the non-lichenized family Mycocaliciaceae as well as macrolichens Sphaerophorus and Tholurna.

List of Species
Key to Genera
Key to Calicium
Key to Chaenotheca
Key to Cyphelium
Key to Microcalicium
Key to Sclerophora
Morphology and Anatomy:
Thallus, Phycobionts, Apothecia, Asci, Spores
Fennoscandian Distribution
Sclerophora coniophaea (Norm.) Mattsson & Middelborg  
Calicium abietinum Pers. Chaenotheca laevigata Nadv.
Calicium adaequatum Nyl. Chaenotheca phaeocepha
Calicium adspersum Pers. (Ach.) Th.Fr.
Calicium corynellum Ach. Chaenotheca stemonea
Calicium denigratum (Vain.) Tibell (Ach.) Müll.Arg.
Calicium glaucellum Ach. Chaenotheca subroscida
Calicium parvum Tibell (Eitn.) Zahlbr.
Calicium quercinum Pers. Chaenotheca sulphurea (Retz.)
Calicium salicinum Pers. = Chaenotheca brachypoda
Calicium subquercinum Asah. (Ach.) Tibell
= Calicium lenticulare Ach. Chaenotheca trichialis
Calicium trabinellum Ach. (Ach.) Th.Fr.
Calicium viride Pers. Chaenotheca xyloxena Nadv.
Chanenotheca brunneola Cyphelium inquinans (Sm.) Trevis
(Ach.) Müll.Arg. Cyphelium karelicum (Vain.) Ras.
.Chaenotheca carthusiae Cyphelium pinicola Tibell
(Harm.) Lett Cyphelium tigillare (Ach.) Ach.
= Chaenotheca chlorella Microcalicium ahlneri Tibell
(Ach.) Mull.Arg. Microcalicium arenarium
Chaenotheca chrysocephala (Hampe ex. Massal.) Tibell
(Turn. ex Ach.) Th. Fr. Microcalicium disseminatum
Chaenotheca cinerea (Pers.) Tibell (Ach.) Vain.
Chaenotheca ferruginea Sclerophora coniophaea
(Turn. ex Sm.) Migula (Norm.) Mattsson & Middelborg
Chaenotheca furfuracea (L.) Tibell Sclerophora farinacea
Chaenotheca gracilenta (Chevall.) Chevall.
(Ach.) Mattsson & Middelborg Sclerophora nivea (Hoffm.) Tibell
Chaenotheca gracillima Sclerophora peronella (Ach.) Tibell
(Vain.) Tibell Thelomma ocellatum (Körber) Tibell
Chaenotheca gracilenta (Ach.) Mattsson & Middelborg
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