Dao Hai Phong






Dao Hai Phong was born in Hanoi in 1965 and graduated from the Hanoi College of Fine Art in 1987.  Village scenes and depictions of Hanoi streets exen very bright colours such as blue, yellow, green or red are characteristic of his work.  The application of the signature strong colours to his paintings draws the viewer's attention to the key elements of the paintings and underscores their structural simplicity.  Phong has participated in various art shows in Hanoi, as well as in Britain (1994), Hong Kong (1994, 1996, 1999, 2003), Laos (1997), USA (1997, 2001), Italy (1997), Singapore (1999) and Switzerland (1999). 

(s) = sold

Blue Evening (s) The Lotus Pond (s) Two Boats (s) The Flower Vendor (s)
Night Sky (s) Yellow Autumn (s) A Vendor (s) Yellow Village (s)
Village Hut (s) Red Sky Over the Village (s) The Old Cathedral (s) Two Trees (s)
Sunset (s) Fishing Boats (s) The Yellow Tree (s)