Thavibu Contemporary Art from Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar/Burma

Thai Artists | Thaweesak Srithongdee

Thaweesak Srithongdee was born in 1970 and graduated with a Master in Fine Art from Silapakorn University. His style echoes the influence of Surrealism and Pop Art. Thaweesak is a keen observer of people, their physical and mental characteristics. Having previously engineered a spurious race of Adonic, pectoral defined, super-beings that played with perceptions of body image, Thaweesak or Lolay as he is better known, expands his fascination with the human condition to question our existence and ultimate survival. Bruises and scars bear the physical trace of individual fallibility, but they also provoke assumptions as to the history and determiners behind such inflictions. Thaweesak has participated in several exhibitions in Thailand. Moreover, he has also exhibited in the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia. He was awarded a residency at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan in 2005 and participated in the Fukuoka Triennale in the same year, in the Jakarta Biennale in 2009 and the Busan Biennale, Korea in 2010. Museum collections include Singapore Art Museum and Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.